Yellow Wedding


Hey beautiful people…

 “You meet thousands of people and none of them

 really touch you,then you meet one person

 and your life is changed forever”

-Jamie Randall(from the movie-


That moment when you fall in love and find that one special person you wanna spend the rest of your life with,is about that time you pop that ‘sweet-wonderful’ question(that most women dream about),and decide to let the world know about your love and commitment towards your woman.This proclamation of love is best and romantically done through a wedding ceremony.Most women are planning and dreaming about their ‘big’ day with their prince charming well don’t stop believing,dreams come true and weddings are magical.

December is the month on which there are many happy events taking place.The month for colourful-enjoyable holidays.On Saturday I attented a family wedding,had a great awesome time with family and friends.Their theme colour was yellow and black.

However I chose an off colour dress and paired it with a little yellow.I wore a blue chiffon dress,giving a daring look.Added mustard-yellow handbag and ankle strap heels,so as to abide by the colour scheme of the wedding.I chose blue coz it makes a vibrant and exciting combo with yellow.Highlighted my look with simple necklace that didn’t skimp on the detail that the dress had.

Blue dress-Giks(I sell dresses) Heels-Giks Handbag-Random vendor @b.s All jewellery pieces-I sell jewellery.

Have a say of what you think about my look through the comments box.Please also like my FB page-GracieMj Odawo,and invite your friends to like my page too.PicsArt_1418584140958


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